Welcome to Revive!

“Revive” is a research and knowledge exchange project that was initiated in Southern Estonia in anticipation of the 2024 European Capital of Culture – the City of Tartu together with the surrounding region. The online exhibition interviewed 18 scientists, artists, and curators from the Nordic States, the Baltic, and internationally. It behaves as a reawakening not only in our cultural scene but to focus upon innovative artists and scientists whom are passionate about cultural outreach and creative approaches that are focused on the relationship between ecology and human activity. The online exhibition and launch of the “revive” publication laid the foundation to the collaboration and unification of many cultural spaces within Southern Estonia. We have endeavored to create an oasis for international artists to come and create, to share knowledge, and to learn from us and our contacts. We endeavor to expand our outreach not only in cities but in smaller townships; in the form of traditional artistic practices, performances, talks, or interventions. By encouraging collaboration in our country, we better enable ourselves to share artistic/ecological expertise with other corners of the globe.